The Ling Lab at UMass Dartmouth is inviting creative, motivated and open-minded Post-Doc, Ph.D., Master and Undergraduate candidates in any science and engineering departments to join us, as long as you have interests in our lab. Our research is interdisciplinary. Candidates with interests in the following areas are encouraged to apply:

  • Experimental fluid dynamics in turbulence, boundary layers, drag reductions, and multiphase flows
  • Collective behavior such as bird flocks, fish schools, human crowds and cell colonies
  • Imaging technologies such as PIV, PTV, digital holography, stereo-imaging
  • Super-hydrophobic surfaces and the wetting phenomena

Our work has been published in some highly recognized journals, including Nature Ecology and Evolution, Nature CommunicationsJournal of Fluid Mechanics, Proceedings of the Royal Society B. If you are interested in joining us, please send Prof. Ling (hling1@umassd.edu) your full CV (with GPA, TOEFL and GRE scores; working experiences; publications) and electronic copy of transcripts.

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