Dr. Ling received the NSF CAREER award. Congratulation!

Dr. Ling received the NSF CAREER award with an amount of $505,075. The project title is: “CAREER: Diffusive and Convective Gas Dissolution over Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces”. In this project, Dr. Ling aims to understand the gas dissolution process over Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces through innovative experiments and develop new strategies to extend the longevity of gas. This project has an education plan including five activities: undergraduate student-lead original research, summer workshop for high-school students, table-top experiments for K-12 students, class trip to a local autonomous underwater vehicle manufacturer, and technology showcase to marine industry in the Southeastern New England area.

New paper published in Colloids and Surfaces A. Congratulations to Jordan, Shabnam and Theresa!

Restoring and maintaining the gas layer (plastron) on underwater superhydrophobic surface (SHS) is critical for the real-world application of SHS, such as reducing friction drag in high-Reynolds number turbulent flows. In this work, we experimentally investigated the capability of a technology based on porous material and gas injection to restore the plastron on an underwater SHS from a fully wetted state.

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